Host a SIM Participant Group

What is a SIM Participant Group?

A Participant Group is a physical venue where SA members get together in order to participate in SIM, as a group, rather than as isolated individuals.

This is an opportunity to host an SA Recovery Day for your local fellowship with content provided by SIM. Participant Groups hosts are free to create a local schedule for their members, which might involve much more – meetings, sharing, meals, recreation, fellowship, entertainment, etc.

To establish a SIM Participant Group:

    • Sign up for the Marathon if you have not already done so
    • Decide for what period of time you wish to connect to the Marathon on 29-30 November.
    • Occupy a physical venue with a good quality wireless internet connection for the desired time.
    • Connect to the internet with PCs, Laptops, SmartPhones, and other devices, as required.
    • Participate in the Marathon with other SA members from this venue.
    • Provide a translator from English into the local language, if required.

      Some Ideas for SIM Participant Groups:

        • Host a group at your home, invite SA members to bring refreshments and enjoy a few hours of fellowship while viewing the SIM live-stream.
        • If your regularly scheduled meeting occurs during the Marathon on 29-30 November, consider streaming SIM as the “guest speaker” for your meeting.
        • Provide a viewing location for your local fellowship to drop by and view SIM talks throughout the Marathon and enjoy fellowship with other SA members.